BRilliant idEA Market

Indonesia’s online stores brought to life

Initiated by Indonesia E-commerce Association (idEA) in association with Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI), BRilliant idEA Market is an online-to-offline market platform. In this event, visitors can get things from online stores in an offline setting. Every store has its own pop store and showcases their products in a creative way.

Building trust in e-commerce

The goal of this event is to educate people just how safe online shopping is. A large number of Indonesians is pretty much still wary about the risks of online shopping. Scams, frauds, and products not matching their online descriptions often hold people back from buying things online. The themes of lifestyle, beauty, fashion, travel, food and beverages, home and living, e-commerce, hobbies, and gadgets are prominent here, as represented by its key visual, as the event is meant to cater to a younger audience.


As the main sponsor, together with idEA as the organizer, BRI’s brand is “BRI-lliantly” incorporated in the event’s name to give a hint of what the event is about: a market compiled from brilliant ideas.