Essilor – 2.5 New Vision Generation

Entering a new market

2.5 NVG is an initiative by Essilor, a renowned brand producing quality eyewear. We took part in helping 2.5 NVG, a new brand at the time, enter new markets. During the course of 2017, we worked side-by-side with 2.5 NVG Indonesia and 2.5 NVG Singapore to launch multiple awareness-based campaigns in remote areas in Indonesia.

Good vision is everyone’s birthright

As of today, 4.5 billion people around the world suffers from unprotected and uncorrected poor vision. Around 2.5 billion of them don’t have the correction—and access to the correction—they need. Eye diseases and impaired vision are common in society, and yet they are largely unrecognized. Moreover, around 94% of people don’t realize that prolonged exposure to damaging ultraviolet from the sun and electronic devices can negatively impact their health and, consequently, their ability to conduct their daily lives.

Helping to spread vision

2.5 New Vision Generation, or simply known as 2.5 NVG, creates good-quality, affordable glasses for everyone who needs their eyes corrected and protected. Since its creation in 2013, 2.5 NVG has been developing, testing, and deploying new inclusive business models to give access to vision and protection around the world.

Breaking the barriers

Geographic location, ideological isolation (such as superstition), lack of education, and economic barrier often prevent many people with uncorrected vision in third-world countries from getting access to vision care. 2.5 NVG partners with people in isolated areas around the world to bring awareness on the importance of vision health and improve access to vision and protection around the world.