Indonesia E-commerce Summit & Expo

A celebration of Indonesia’s growing e-commerce ecosystem

Indonesia E-commerce Summit & Expo, or better known as IESE, is an annual e-commerce summit presented by Dyandra Promosindo with Aulia Mahariza sitting on board as its strategist and advisor. Together with Mahariza, Dyandra Promosindo, and Indonesia E-commerce Association (idEA) initiated the event beginning in 2016 and later, following the success of the first event, decided to go ahead with another in 2017. Mahariza and team took care of the branding and the event itself.

Indonesia E-Commerce Summit & Expo (IESE) is essentially a gathering pool for e-commerce actors in Indonesia. The government, industry leaders, e-commerce enthusiasts, customers, and supporting industries take part in this annual event. During the gathering, visitors can also join workshops led by industry leaders.

In 2017, supported by Indonesia E-commerce Association (idEA) in association with Badan Ekonomi Kreatif (BEKRAF), the event was held for three days and attended by more than 100 speakers, both local and international, 180 exhibitors, and 6,300 participants. The 2017 theme for the event was “Empowering the Digital Energy of Asia”.