Indonesia International Motor Show

A mix of festivities in an automotive exhibition

Indonesia International Motor Show, often abbreviated IIMS, is a collaborative brainchild of Dyandra Promosindo and Aulia Mahariza as the overseer responsible for its branding and marketing. The prestigious annual event, which was attended by more than 500,000 visitors during its 11-day run in 2017, exhibits a wide range of automotive products and services. It’s an automotive showcase filled with various supporting programs, such as entertainment, educational bits, and culinary fests.

It’s a “car-nival”

The word “carnival” was picked as the theme for the 2017 event, given that it contains “car” in it and, together with “-nival”, gives the word a whole new meaning: a festive celebration of anything automotive, with cars as its main attraction.

A massive success

The nine-day event in 2017 was attended by 500,000 automotive enthusiasts and raked in a handsome Rp3.2 trillion in sales.