Musikal Lutung Kasarung: The Legend of the Lost Monkey

A prince who turns into a lutung seeks his true love and finds it in a princess who is banished from her own land.

Musikal Lutung Kasarung: The Legend of the Lost Monkey is a Yayasan Prima Ardian Tana production, in collaboration with Aulia Mahariza as producer and Regu Kerja Didi Petet responsible for the creative performance. It’s a musical piece that tells the story of the famous Lutung Kasarung legend from West Java.

Directed by the late Didi Petet and written by Getar Jagatraya, the musical starred Nadhira Ulya, Astri Hapsari, Indra Yogaswara, Indra Andika Arifiana, and guest stars Laudya Cynthia Bella and Chico Jericho, with other celebrities supporting the production including Melly Goeslaw, Ronni Waluya, Poppy Sovia, Candil, Nina Tamam, Netta, and Marcell Siahaan. The show was presented in a modern, futuristic mood in harmony with a strong Sundanese flavor.

In the hands of Jagatraya, the story has been heavily improvised and turned into comedy.
The 2.5-hour show received favorable reviews and enjoyed sufficient popularity, particularly in the theater-loving community.