Rumah Inovasi Philips

Get immersed

With the creation of several Philips Consumer Experience Centers in Indonesia at the end of 2017, Aulia Mahariza and team saw an opportunity to offer Philips Indonesia a different kind of consumer experience: an immersive one.

We believed that it was time for an Indonesian brand to step up its game in the digital field. By keeping an open mind to our ideas, Philips has shown that it’s a brand willing to listen to new ideas and one that doesn’t shy away from challenges.

This is the time-lapse video presentation of our prototype of Philips Immersive Experience Center, introduced for the first time at Philips Distributors Conference 2018, held on Feb 28th, 2018 at Raffles Hotel, Jakarta. This prototype was later developed to become Rumah Inovasi Philips, featured on Jakarta Fair Kemayoran, May 23rd - July 1st, 2018.